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27 Years!

I had a thousand beautiful words written for you Kari Bear. Then I inadvertently hit the "Back" button and all was lost. Grrrrrr! Soooooo frustrating! Rather than sit here and frantically retype them all, I noticed that you are ready to go out for the evening, and I figure I'm just going to tell them to you all in person, face to face, because those words will be best spoken from my heart to yours anyway. I love you. Happy 27, and thank you for being my model all of these years while I run around like Rain Man, seeing the light and visualizing the shot, asking you to stand here, pose this way, turn your head just so.... because of your willing heart I have a treasure trove of images of you, my model, my coworker, my friend, my wife, my love, and you are my fortune.

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