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A Day in the Life of Kayla

We just finished a Day-in-the-Life session for Kayla at Ben and Shari’s home. The moment we walked in the door, Ben was busy putting together a new bike for his baby girl, following directions to the best of his new Dad/Superhero-ability.:)

Kayla was bouncing away on her momma’s knee, although I think most of the bouncing was pure anticipation of getting her hands on her brand new, pink hotwheel.

We played around in her room, rocking in the rocking-chair that’s been in the family for generations. After that there was still time for a few quick stories, and Kayla was intrigued by all the picture books. She helped turn every page, her eyes as big as saucers. Finally after a few minutes in her daddy’s arms with a fresh bottle, she slipped off to Neverland.

Kari and I both shoot this kind of session, and I run video at the same time. The result is literally priceless and so much fun. Everything about the images and the video, every moment takes on such a personal and cozy feel. This is home…

It took alot of work to wrap the story up and finish before Mother’s Day, but it was completely worth it to see Shari in tears one more time. 🙂 There was a brand-new box of Kleenex ready and waiting.

Gotta tell ya folks, I love what God has given us the privilege to do. The next few questions might seem a bit off topic, but their relevance actually has everything to do with this story. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Do you know about what He did for us, have you asked Him into your life? Do you know where you’ll spend your eternity? He came down here to us. He gave His everything on the cross and died for our sins, and three days later He rose again. He paid our price and gave us a way to Heaven. Do you believe?

The reason I ask is this. If life can be this beautiful here on earth, try with all your might, and you still won’t have the right picture of the perfect Heaven and the masterpiece that He has planned.

Here’s a few images, from just a slice of Heaven on earth.

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