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Abby Gene

My baby girl turned 3 years old yesterday. Suddenly, everything seems to hinge on transportation, and getting places faster. You know, a 3 year old has places to be, things to do, it being such a Barbie-eat-Barbie world and all… For her birthday, she got her first bike from Mom and Dad, equipped with water bottle, backpack, helmet and pads (as if we can save her from the bumps and bruises in life), and also a scooter from her Nana. She was a little nervous at first, and she still hasn’t figured out how to brake, so she simply screams and flings her feet up in the air. I don’t know why, possibly in the hopes of creating drag and using the wind to slow her down? 🙂 For now she’s atleast cautious, but that won’t last. She spent the weaning hours of the day building those leg muscles to pedal up “the hill” in front of our house. Just the other day I caught her about 4 houses down on her Hotwheel zooming off in the other direction. Not a care in the world, going God knows where, and natural as you please, as if we all see little toddlers heading off to work, the store, the gas station, to and fro, every day. What’s the big deal Dad? She wasn’t very happy when I reminded her of where the line ends. I can just imagine what new horizons will tempt her with her new wheels.

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