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All About Love

We just got finished with Kristi & Gabe’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to post a few shots for the two of them here. They should be back from their Honeymoon by now I’m thinking, and besides, of all the days, Valentine’s fits perfect.

We’ve worked with several sibling weddings lately, where we spend the day shooting with a bride and groom, a year or two slips by, and then we get a call from the brother or sister in the family to ask if we could reserve their wedding date as well. It’s a very affirming and humbling experience when we get that call, because 90% of what we do is word-of-mouth. We were there for Kristi’s sister Kerri on a much, much colder February day in 2006.

In fact, Kerri’s wedding was one of the first ‘official’ dates to hit the family radar between Kristi and Gabe.

My wife always says that a wedding is the witness of a new family being born, and we see exactly what that means when we get to see how lives have changed. We love drifting through the receptions, capturing the new babies that have come into the world. (Hint, Kerri…. Hint, Hint)

We had a beautiful wintry day to work with, and though the chill took everyones breath away, Gabe kept Kristi warm and snug in his arms. Thank you to all the stunning young ladies who braved the snow in their high heels, and thank you, Kristi’s Dad, for caring so much that it brought you to your knees as you brushed away the snow and dried your daughter’s feet. That was a precious and authentic testament to a father’s love in my eyes, one that Kristi will never forget.

Kristi and Gabe have a respect for one another that bubbled to the surface in special ways throughout the day. From the way he wiped her tears when they met to the way she snuggled into his tuxedo in the cold. They couldn’t stand to be apart, and even though the wedding day was zooming by in a blur around them, there were moments in the lens that we witnessed the two of them, lost in a world all their own.

By the end of the night, after the speeches and dancing, I don’t think anyone could walk away from the evening without a thorough understanding that life truly is all about love.

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