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Angela & Jamin

These two have a wedding coming up very soon in August, so we finished up with engagements just in time. 🙂 I used to work with Angela a few years ago, and if there’s anything worth mentioning about her that stands out…it’s simply everything. This girl has serious character. She is very bright, very beautiful, and very level headed. Working with her she always handled her end of the workload and then some, and what I remember most was that I never, not even once, heard this young lady complain. Not about anything. And we were all pretty good at wearing that hat from time to time. Her fiance Jamin I’ve only met twice, and both times I’ve been impressed. He’s a solid guy’s guy with a gentle way about him when he’s got the girl of his dreams in his arms, and I think that’s what she sees in him. He’s there for her, and when he looks at her, there’s this calm intensity. He’ll be up to the task, whatever the day may bring, and this girl is smart enough to have that figured out.

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