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Britton & Natalie's Surprise Video

Natalie's mom wanted to add-on video to their wedding package as a surprise, but I was almost positive we weren't going to pull that off with any stealth. You can only be so candid or incognito during a wedding, and the movement of a guy shooting video is vastly different than a guy shooting stills. One guy runs and guns while the other guy literally looks like he could be a ballet dancer trying to 'float' more than walk around the room...Nobody likes bumpy video ;)

We told them, "Oh my camera shoots silently, so that's why you don't hear anything." It actually does shoot silently, it just wasn't always in photography mode. ;) I don't think that counts as a white lie, does it?

I'm pretty sure Britton's brother figured it out, but he didn't say anything. He kept asking me about my gimbal and I'm pretty sure he put it together, but the bride and groom were so tuned into eachother that we pulled it off. Mom sat them down after they had already viewed their images and surprised them. :) Good job Mom.

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