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Chad & Jill

We had the honor of photographing another small, intimate wedding last week, and the weather cooperated just in the nick of time because it was slated for outdoors.

Chad & Jill wanted to keep everything chill for their ceremony with close friends and family. There were only a few key asks for the day, because at the end of it all, they just wanted to be married.

I have to say I'm really enjoying weddings like this again. This is how almost all weddings were not very long ago, before everything became massive and to the nines with large crowds and even larger venues. Maybe this will make a comeback and we'll see it come full circle, back to just being comfortable and enjoying a beautiful day, putting God in the middle of it all. I appreciated that Chad got married in boots and jeans. 28 years ago, so did I, and I haven't seen another wedding like that since.

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