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Eminija Tree

Me and this old tree just have a thing for one another. I think a hundred times a month I pass by this tree, and 99 of those times I want to take a picture of it, because it always has a different feel to me, almost like you just know it would be an amazing place to just grab a book and drift away. I mark the seasons and the passing of time with this old tree. From the lonely winter to the now fresh green spring, into the hot, humid days of summer and finally the changing of the guard with the colors of fall, this tree usually looks the way I feel, like some kind of magic mood ring or something.

This morning I was enveloped by this fog so thick it felt like I was alone in the world. When I die and find myself up in heaven, I think God is going to have a tree just like this one, waiting for me….once I get tired of flying and zipping all around of course. 🙂 Only there won’t be any sound of cars rushing by on the morning commute, and there won’t be any fences, just wild lilacs like this one to make the air a little sweeter.

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