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We just finished with her sister’s newborn pictures a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s Abby’s turn! Just think, grandma gets TWO new additions to the family this year for Christmas. 
We’ve shot for the family over many years, but Abby and her husband Josh don’t live here so we thought we might not get to see the new little one. We were thrilled when Abby got in touch to let us know of their new arrival and asked if we would mind the drive to come and meet Evelyn. It was our pleasure.

This little peanut is going to have a wonderful life. She gets to grow up out in the country in a beautifully warm new home, surrounded by wide open spaces with a top notch-Mom and a Marine Dad to protect them all. On top of that there is the family dog, who was just a little upset that WE were allowed in the baby room but she wasn’t. I even had to move her dog bed for a few shots, which added insult to injury. Sorry pup. 

🙁 We would have loved to get outdoors in such a beautiful place, but with this cold, rainy weather it wouldn’t have been a very fun time for a newborn. Instead we just stayed cozy, wrapped up in the blankets and cradled in Mom and Dad’s arms. Add a bottle and some Grade A cuddling and Evelyn was content with the world.

This type of shoot is definitely among my favorite. I wish so much we would have had this done with our own kids, just to remember the details. Don’t get me wrong, my kids grew up with a photographer-Dad, so their lives are more than well documented in pictures. The problem is I’m not in hardly any of them because I was always behind the lens.

We’re looking forward to seeing this family again. I’m reminded every time I see them of God’s active presence and how He hold us. I picture Him cradling them in much the same way they were cradling Evelyn, and I think…He’s got this.

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