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Fall Has Caught Fire

We can always try to guess when winter is coming. Around here it can be as early as October or as late as the New Year. But there is no greater confirmation of the ushering out of Fall than hearing thousands of Canadian Geese honking and swishing the wind beneath their wings just overhead. This time of year, in the busy-ness of Christmas orders, these guys are my release. When I want to unwind, I try sneaking up on them, and they always put me in my place. I think they know I’m there before even I do. I keep thinking some year they are going to get really tired of me disturbing their evening dip in the pond, and they’ll all dive bomb me in this massive, well-coordinated assault. I wince every time a couple hundred of them fly by, wondering about the odds of them using me for target practice, but their graciousness never fails. They always put up with me snapping away into the fiery sunset, and I’m reminded by their presence that time is fleeting.

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