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How We Do What We Do?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video?

I worked on Payton's senior pictures while we drove across the country to drop off our daughter for college, and even down in Florida I was getting up at 4 a.m. before our son woke up to try and knock out some more. It bugs me to no end when I have great images to work on. I can't rest properly until they are shared.

Lately, I've been playing with a new 360 camera while we shoot, and I have to say I'm loving it. Not only do I get to share how we do what we do, but I get to show off the indispensably crucial Kari Ann as she works her magic, helping me with all the gear, lighting, and posing as she watches every tiny detail. Even more, I get to see the families. On Payton's shoot, she was beautiful, sweet, kind, (I LOVED her shots), and since I have the 360 camera I could finally pan around to show you what I normally can't see because I'm busy looking through the lens. Behind us was the reason WHY Payton is who she is. Her Mom AND Grandma were right there hard at work, helping with clothes, holding lights and even lenses, working with makeup and hair, and fully engaged. They encouraged her every step of the way, and it made for a truly beautiful night. Her Mom told me when they got in the car after we charged up the hill for sunset that they all laughed and said, "Let's do that again!"

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