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I Want To Be Just Like You

‘Lord, I want to be just like You ‘Cause he wants to be just like me I want to be a holy example For his innocent eyes to see Help me be a living Bible, Lord That my little boy can read I want to be just like You ‘Cause he wants to be like me’

A friend of mine recently gave me a CD of Phillips, Craig & Dean, with the song ‘I Want To Be Just Like You’. It’s about a father, tucking in his little boy at bed time, and realizing how important his own, personal walk with Christ really is, because he’s beginning to understand just how much his little boy wants to be just like him. Those little eyes are watching every move, and that personal walk isn’t so personal after all. The lyrics are very powerful, and so true.

My little boy was running around with his little camera just this week, taking pictures of people, all the while shouting, “Look, I’m a photographer, just like my daddy!” It made me proud, and also served as a humbling reminder of my responsibilities.

It was the same with Connor and Carter during our shoot with the Vandevoort family. What struck me most was when dad forgot to take off his tape measure that was hooked to his belt. Immediately those boys were all over it. Big brother Connor showing little brother Carter just how easy it is to pull out the tape and measure things, and little Carter, at just one year old, trying already to measure up to his daddy.

It’s in the simple things that they really learn from us. Not how we act when company’s over or when we’re wearing our many different hats, but how we are when nobody’s around, in the day to day struggles. Such great strides can be made when it’s bedtime and everyone’s tired, when it’s just us, and we take the time to say a prayer and give thanks for one more day.

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