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Introducing Miss Kara Brown

Well folks, It’s probably very obvious via the blog that things have gotten very busy around here. We’re now booking into mid-September for our regular photo shoots. Our first assistant, Angela, had her last day a week ago, and is scrambling to put together her wedding by July 22nd. Her fiance was given orders to deploy to Iraq, so they are doing all they can to just get married before he leaves. It’s since been difficult to get on top of the workload, but manageable, for one very good reason…

I wanted to take a moment to let you all in on my secret weapon. Her name is Kara Brown.

I first met Kara about 7 years ago, and even then she made quite an impression. She’s got a beautiful mind and a smile that is infectious, and she’s very driven. I had the opportunity to take her senior pictures a few years ago. I remember we jumped out of the car and went running up into a bean field for a shot that I had in my mind, and we got an amazing portrait of her beneath the South Dakota sky, and even managed to capture that purposed demeanor in her eyes. It was very much a God-thing.

These days she’s going to school for photography, and we’re hoping she’ll be with us from here on out.

Kara hired on to be our part-time assistant a few weeks ago, and with a stroke of luck she’s now signed on full-time this week. By all of my standards, (which are picky and usually a little too meticulous) she’s going to be a huge success. The girl is just flat smart. 🙂 Just yesterday she finished her first slideshow for me, and I couldn’t find a flaw in the finished DVD. Some of you will see her around at the next few weddings over the summer, snapping away as our third shooter, and she’s quickly picking up on the business. She’s toning, she’s coloring, she’s editing, she’s helping us, greatly. I very much appreciate having her around, and I’m certain you’ll all get to know her very well as she grows with us. Please take a moment to say hello if you give us a call this week.

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