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Life Lessons for All Ages

I loved the storyline of this little peanut. She was so excited, so full of zeal with each of these moments. When she posed for her picture it was ALL her idea, her style, her charm. When she knew we got the shot, she gave me her best "Ta Da!", full of energy. Then, she took her bow! She had so much drama she practically kissed the ground. When the session was all over she switched from working hard to playing hard. She immediately transformed into her comfy chillaxin' clothes and cracked open the Ben & Jerry's. My favorite was the way she casually flipped a giant scoop onto her little brother's high chair with a twinkle in her eye, totally making his day, and then made sure to share a spoonful with Mom & Dad. I saw pure joy arrive in her heart each time she shared, and that was the most beautiful side of Evelyn.

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