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Lisa & Jessy

That’s just it. This isn’t a job. It’s a wonderful blessing. I get to see love in so many forms, almost every day. From a couple like Lisa and Jessy, brimming at the cusp of a new life together, to a bride and groom at that moment just before they voice their vows in front of God and family and friends, to a new mom holding her little one, bristling with hope, a new daddy, evolving into a super hero right in front of the lens, ready to take on the world to protect his little girl…then, to see that love come full circle in the families and the seniors, to search for that signature, that breath of life that only God can take the credit for, at every shoot, and finally to have the privilege to capture the moments for those family’s who have laid one of their own to rest, for those who are just learning what it means to take it with them, even beyond the here and now… This life, this love, this passion, this gift that is given to us all by perfect design, is something I’ll be grateful for, every day.

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