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Mark & Maria

Mark got back from Israel so Maria made sure to get him in for their engagements before he had to fly out again. They might have their wedding here, or they might do something on the beach in sunny California, the plans are still up in the air. (I wish it was here so we could be part of their day, but I can’t compete with California, especially after the lovely rain and gale-force winds we had this weekend, with a whopping 50 degrees.) Either way, it was a pleasure to meet them both and to capture that spark that is between them. I couldn’t put my finger on who Maria reminded me of, and I’m terrible with names, so I just said to Kari, “She looks like someone famous, you know, she was a supermodel…whats-her-name….” and Kari finished my thought. “Christie Brinkley!” Yes!

But Maria said she’s never heard that.

Thanks to both of you for letting me play around with the light and try some new things. It was a lot of fun.

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