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Milo & Cody

This is easily going to be one of my favorite weddings of the year.

Milo is just about as sweet and natural as they come, and she set the day on fire with her smile and her special spark for life. I saw her long, flowing hair through the lens, and somehow I immediately pictured the wild horses that we’ve seen galloping in the mountains back home in Wyoming… Manes, whipping in the wind.

Cody is a true cowboy, and I don’t say that because of the cattle or the ranch or the hat on his head. I say it because he was man enough to care about their pictures. Because he knew how important it was to Milo, he drove around the city parks and found good spots for the pictures, spots he thought she’d love. He was there for her, and his focus was completely on her throughout their day. The clothes don’t make the man. It’s where his treasures lie that sets the course of his life and the mark he leaves behind.

The reception was amazing. A barn wall and a great white tent, setup in the middle of the pasture under God’s green grass and blue sky. There was a big dance floor guilded in golden sunlight, and to me it was more beautiful than any venue or event hall the city could ever hope to offer.

We found her dad that morning amidst the bustle of family, setting up the tables, and I told him that I really liked his mailbox, a welded picture of a man on his knees in reverence to the cross.

His words were, to me, the most important of the day,

“It doesn’t mean anything if God doesn’t get the glory. It’s all because of him.”


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