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You know, I haven’t been much of a writer lately. I apologize for that… Ever since Haiti I’ve had a difficult time. I haven’t been able to put Haiti into words, and that’s the first time in my life I can’t remember not being able to relate my thoughts. It goes very deep. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph amazing moments this year, weaved between the weddings and family portraits. But these were things I’ve always wanted to capture. Twice I was in Haiti, falling in love with the people there while taking their pictures. In May I got to travel to Wyoming with my daughter and shoot a branding. In June I photographed the funeral of a boy whose dad is a very close friend of mine, telling an entirely different story that we never document, because in life we all will come to deal with death. All of those things, yes, I plan to write about, to post, but for whatever reason, I’m just not there. And I don’t think I will be until I face and deal with Haiti. I still don’t know how to process that part of my life yet, so instead of doing nothing I’ve decided I’m going to start posting the images from every week that I’m passionate about. Since I’ve decided today that I’m going to do this, I’m starting with the most recent shoot. Monica was out tootling about with us at Glory Bound Stables as we were trying to find out more about horses for my horse-crazy little girl. I saw her in the light of the barn and thought, like I often do….’I have to capture that….that’s a picture…drats!!#!%$ why don’t I ever have my camera when I need it?’ (to which the only real answer is that if I had my camera every time wanted it or saw something beautiful, they’d have to surgically implant it somehow)

So, long story very short, she was gracious enough to let me bring my camera the next time we were out there, and I got to do what I love, shooting what I can see in my mind, bringing it to fruition, transforming the idea into a natural reality. And so here is Monica…doing what she loves, just hangin’ out at the stables 🙂

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