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Monica’s Maternity

We had the blessing of being there when these two said their vows, and now we have the blessing of seeing the next chapter in Monica and Ryan’s marriage. Kari always says it, and some people think it sounds corny, but when we get to photograph a wedding we’re witnessing the birth of a family. It doesn’t get any more real than when you then get to see one of those brides, years later, as an expecting mom. Glowing, beautiful, excited, and filled with anticipation. Monica was stunning to photograph, one of my favorite maternity sessions, and her husband was her confidence. He held her, he held the child inside, and he’s going to be there for them both. In Philippians it reads that we are to be like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. When I look at these two, I see them traveling life’s road, and their journey is together.

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