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Our First Ever February Special !!!!

Hello from Dan & Kari,

Mom’s, Dad’s and Not-so-Newlywed’s, Pay Attention! 🙂 This is our first ever studio special, and it won’t be made available again any time soon.

We’ll be moving into our new studio within the next month or two, and we just won’t have the storage capacity to keep everyone’s pictures. We’ve looked at different solutions for the new location and some changes are going to be made… 39 hard drives are just getting too difficult to manage! (no, that was not a typo!)

What’s the benefit to you and yours?

Married Couples: To help make some room on our drives we’ll be offering all of our high resolution, large format proof disks to our 2004/5 wedding couples at a cost of $350.00, now through Valentines Day only. These disks all come with your own Reproduction Rights to the images from your wedding day, so you can make as many copies as you’d like. They are wall portrait-sized and touched up, including the original and toned images. What a great way to preserve your special day, and it’s like having the digital negatives!

Parents: Get your proof disk from any of your 2004/5 family sessions for $50.00, now through February, 2007. It’s a cheap way to make sure you’ll always have those pictures, mom’s.

Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get your images off of our drives and into your hands. Any images from sessions through 2005 will no longer be guaranteed for archival and storage purposes.

Spread the news, tell your friends. 🙂

If you have any questions, you’d like to book a shoot or you’d like to place an order, just give us a call at 582.8259, and you’re welcome to leave a message, or shoot an email to

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