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Even through the grudge of today, that pit in the stomach feeling, I still know that our God has a plan. And His ways aren’t our ways. I KNOW without a doubt that people were healed, forgiven….hearts and minds were changed, and seeds were undoubtedly planted DEEP in the hearts of every neighbor who watched one of those precious children run up to their door with those smiles, and put that flyer on their doorstep. We may never see the fruit of this labor, except in little ways. But His works were accomplished, the best we knew how. We only have to trust that He picked up where we left off. 🙂 For example, I don’t think my kids will EVER, EVER be for abortion. I think it’s something deeply engrained, to respect life and protect it, to stand up for what is good and holy, and stand against anything or anyone who opposes that. THAT is a blessing, and no vote will ever change that.

‘For the heart of this people has become fat and their ears are slow in hearing and their eyes are shut; for fear that they might see with their eyes and give hearing with their ears and become wise in their hearts and be turned again to me, so that I might make them well.’ (Matthew 13:15)

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