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Sean Kaplan – Ford Owner

Yes, I know there are a hundred things I could and very well should be blogging about. But this is a once in a life time event, and I just can’t pass it up. My lifelong friend of 25 years has for atleast 20 of those years given me a hard time about being a Ford man. He never missed a chance to tell me how wonderful Chevy was, or to make up some new Found On Road Dead jingle….. and yet, here he is today. It only took him this many years to come around to the good side, driving all the way here from Wyoming to buy his first ever brand new Ford, so this is a good sign. There’s hope for him yet. He’s not completely lost, and he’ll finally be able to go all those places in the Bighorn mountains that his broke down, busted up, child’s-toy Chevy’s could never take him 😛 hee. hee…..

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