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Skewered! (ouch)

Well I’ve got a crazy kind of praise this morning…

While Kari and I were shooting a wedding an hour and a half away, their grandmother took the kids to a hayride. Logan was climbing on a bale while some kids were roasting hotdogs. The bale gave way and Logan fell, right onto a boy holding a heavy duty roasting skewer with the fork end up the air. Where it hit was just behind his ear, and he landed on it so hard that it bent the fork end of the skewer and the handle bowed. They had to call 911 and he went into emergency, ending up with 4 stitches. A nurse on the scene said he passed out or had a seizure, she wasn’t sure which.

You’re thinking, where is the praise part? Where he landed on the fork, it entered just behind his ear and glanced off the skull. One of the hardest places on the skull, which absorbed most of the impact, and that was the reason it bent the fork. Before they stitched him up they numbed his wound and opened it to make sure the skull wasn’t pierced. It wasn’t. There was almost no blood, just a gaping cut. When you say a prayer today, thank Jesus and give Him praise for having his angels watch over my boy. With the force of his fall, that skewer could have impaled him through the ear, eye, throat, chest or stomach. Had it been even an inch away, it could have nicked his jugular or the softer part of the skull near the temple and could have easily killed him.

We always say a quick prayer when we leave our kids, just asking God to watch over them and keep them out of harms way. We were telling Logan last night that we were glad God honored that prayer, and Logan replied, “You only pray that when you leave??? What about all the time when you’re here?? You guys should be praying that ALL the time, not just when YOU’RE gone! Sheesh!” 🙂 Out of the mouths of babes…

of course, this is a great war story now, these stitches are his badge…what is it with boys and scars…

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