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The Busy Season

With the politics and the time of year, I realized this morning that I’ve been neglecting the blog of actual client images. I apologize. I looked back and realized I had more than half a dozen weddings and four times as many sessions that I wanted to post on here for you all to see, but I just never got around to it. One thing about my mind, I can get wonderfully sidetracked. Well, today, my talented assistant Melissa and I will be getting caught up with the workload (just 1 session behind! Yay!), so now I can focus a bit on the particulars.

I wanted to post some favorites from a very recent family shoot first. We first met Chelsea when she moved in next door to my mother-in-law a couple of years ago. Almost immediately, my son and her daughter hit it off, and there were some days you’d think they were glued at the hip. Chelsea has watched our kids no less than a couple of dozen times ever since. She has a great little daycare she runs out of her home.

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