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The Christmas Rush

Things have been beyond hectic at the studio the last few days as we peak with orders and shoots for the Christmas Rush. We’ve been inundated with to-do’s, and unfortunately the Blog has taken a back seat while I work on getting my clients’ prints and proofs back in time to make it under their trees. (That would be their Christmas Trees. Not Holiday Trees… Christmas Trees. I’m getting a little tired of the politically correct slant) So, instead of writing the editorials for the Blog I’m afraid I need to be working on Christmas. I’m going to put up some pictures from one of today’s shoots, and as we count down to the Christ’s Birthday I’ll have to let the images tell the story. They are, after all, worth a thousand words, right? I realize I’m not getting all the shoots from the week posted here, my apology to the families. Take care everyone. Once things settle down a bit I’ll get back on track. Promise. 🙂 ……Okay just a snippet. This little one is an angel! Shelby completely loves the camera, and she made my afternoon. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting Shelby before, but never a solo shoot like this. Her mom got out of the shoot… this time. I let her know I never ever let the mom’s out of the shoot. She’s one of the few exceptions. Next time, no excuses Mom. Shelby is 18 months old, and a very bright young lady for her age. She really had a great attitude today, which made her shoot so much more carefree and fun.

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