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The Prince?

A few more fun shots from Dave & Andrea’s wedding…. (you have to read this with your best, thickest Irish accent…and roll your rrrr’s.) 😉 Once upon a time, not very far away, a bride were visited on her wedding day by a prince who’d been cursed by the spell to break all to spend the rest of his days, about 2 inches tall…

The only way to break the spell fast was to steal a kiss from the fair young lass before the vows could be spoken aloud, to kiss her there under sun and cloud. He watched and waited and timed it just right… then he HOP! HOP! HOPPED! with all of his might! But despite all he tried, at the end of the day, He came so close, yet was so far away…

What a magical site we’d all have seen, to see the transforming of the Prince so green…

but, sigh, alas, i have to end this blog, the poor, poor prince is still a wee-warted frog.

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