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Our approach to weddings is simple. We believe we are witnessing the very birth of a family and it is truly a privilege to capture the story of your day. We are a 2 photographer husband and wife team, and we've shot together for 20 years. We know where to be and when, and we look for the little details that will make your images unforgettable. Photography & Videography available.


Kari says her favorite thing about shooting weddings is that we get to witness the birth of a family.
Well, Logan & Alicia were childhood sweethearts, and now they are starting off, surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and some pretty amazing families to encourage them in Christ and hold them in the highest regard.
With God in the middle of a marriage, I firmly believe that there is no storm so strong as to eclipse the love, the mercy, the grace, and the forgiveness of God. Nothing else compares, and there is no marriage tool more valuabe in the world today.
Their wedding was set against the beautiful backdrop of the Calico Skies Vineyard near Inwood, Ia.

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