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15 Years

The first moment I saw her she took my breath away. The day I asked her to marry me I said, “We’ll never be rich with money, but I can promise you it will be the ride of your life.”

And so far there’s not been an amusement park created that can match our roller coaster. Ups. Downs. Stomach-in-your-throat twists. Right side up and upside down. Hairpin turns. Hearts broken. Hearts gushing. Kids. Dogs. Cats. Love. Tears. Dreams dashed. Dreams realized. Lost in ourselves. Found in Christ.

15 years ago I took her to the Bighorn Mountains. I wanted her to see what my idea of Heaven will look like. She sat by the lake and watched the sun slowly set over the peaks, and when I saw her, breathless and taking it all in, wrapped up in my coat to stay warm, I snapped this shot of her.

When I asked her this morning what she’d like for her anniversary, it wasn’t diamonds or a cruise or shopping spree. In her words: “All I want is some time alone with you today. I have everything I could ever need, and I’m completely taken care of honey.”

This is my most recent picture of her, in those same mountains. She’s up in the middle of the Cloud Peak Wilderness area, sunning on a boulder underneath a giant Evergreen, reading her bible.

Wow. I love her more today than I ever have. 15 years, and this morning…she took my breath away. 🙂

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