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3 Sisters, 3 Blogs

Last week I had a great opportunity to photograph three sisters and their families when they all came to town for Baby Taige’s baptism. You might remember Taige from our January posting? (if you need to get up to speed.) Since there were so many pictures and 3 separate shoots with 3 sisters and 3 very different personalities topped with oodles of kids, I thought it might be nice to also have 3 separate blogs. So, to start us off we have the Reiland family.

Talk about some bright kids! Kari’s high pitched mommy-voice had no effect, these kids just thought she was strange. Too big and too smart to fall for the little kid tricks. Silly rabbit…That’s okay though, she IS strange. That’s only one of the many secret reasons why I love her, :), but I guess that’s not a secret anymore. Gavin and Bailey had a great depth about them, and I got to see a very sweet side to each of them, getting their pictures taken for Mom and Dad without so much as a complaint.

Amazingly, Kari’s silliness and her one-of-a-kind Flying Giraffe (patent pending) did seem to loosen the big kids up. By big kids I mean Mom and Dad. When we started, Sarah (Mom), was brimming with excitement, while Cody (Dad) had the classic I’ve-been-dragged-here look, walking down the stairs in much the same way I would if I were forced to watch an opera, or like last night, 2 hours or ice skating… 🙂

Jokes aside, by the time we got rolling, I think we really captured a breath-takingly beautiful and striking family, and managed to bring everyone’s personality out.

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