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Yesterday Indi was gnawing away on her bone, really going at it. I sat next to her and sang her name, and it was like watching a baby with a pacifier, listening to a lullaby. Almost as soon as I started singing to her, she stopped chewing and just listened. A few seconds later her eyes closed, and within a minute she was sleeping, stretched out alongside me. The funny thing, as soon as I stopped singing, she just as quickly sat up and began gnawing and attacking her bone. Later on, her and Jill had a purposed misunderstanding about who was the owner of the bone, and while Jill kept taking it, Indi would pounce on her from behind and try to run away with it. There’s such a trust between them that the puppy would actually stick her face completely inside the older dogs open mouth, teeth bared and all. She knew that one good clamp down and that would be it, but she had no worries. Eventually they gave up fighting over it, and decided to simply share. “You chew that end. I’ll chew mine.”

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