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Okay, yeah… It’s been about a month since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. I’ve just been in a little bit of a funk over the past month. The last post was about the new studio, coming along, but it’s been just about that long since I’ve seen any great progress with it. Like most things, Hurry Up and Wait applies here also. We were hoping to be in by January, and that is not going to happen. We’re in the process of getting our house ready for the market to sell, dealing with the City of Brandon, and there’s just alot of things going on in a very short amount of time that are frustrating.

Anyway, my real point of this post was to say thank you to this girl…

Her name is Cory Ann, and she’s a great photographer up in Brookings. She is AC Ellis Photography. She came down to visit during our wedding show this weekend, and realized I was in a funk, so she took off her coat and started helping out, and that really meant alot, to both Kari and I. She helped to knock some much needed sense into me, and when the snow started falling hard we talked her into staying over. We all agreed, adult sleepovers are really cool and should take place much more often. Today she took even more of her time and shot some of my family’s pictures, outside, in temperatures that make a polar bear shiver, until her hands were so cold and numb she couldn’t push down the shutter any longer.

Then she hopped in her car and away she went with a smile.

Thanks, Cory Ann. 🙂 I really needed that.

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