• DC Elliott

A Butterfly in a Hurricane

Do you ever feel this way, a butterfly in a hurricane? like maybe you weren’t built for something so insane?

Parts of you are delicate, not meant for gale-force winds. things just seem all out of sorts and none of it makes sense.

Some days I think it’s best to stop trying to answer why. Stop bearing the weight of the world, just spread your wings and fly.

Maybe it’s just a flash in the pan. and it’s gone in just a breath. What good will it have served to have only dwelt on death?

May as well be free! Live, not just survive. May as well be beautiful While beauty’s still alive.

Someday they’ll take notice, but if they never raise their eyes, You were made for so much more than you yet realize.

If God looks at His masterpiece, If He smiles and calls it good, no hurricane can take you down the way you think it could.

For such a time and such a place, you’re right where you should be. Bring on the wind, bring on the rain. and be what you’re made to be.

Be free.

d.c.elliott 9/13/17

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