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A Day at the Park

Our niche is shooting families at play. And I mean families at play. Not just kids at play. I’m talking mom’s and dad’s. There’s nothing more exciting than studying them through the lens, those older grown-up types that have wrinkly foreheads and straight faces, called the ‘adults’, as they rediscover the fact that they are really just big kids too. Can we take your portraits? Yes. Can we pose a shot? Mmm-hmmm. But would I rather take your family to the park and let everybody tear it up? Hands down, no comparison. There’s just something about getting outside the four walls with God’s green earth down between your toes. Running down by the river as the water is rushing and pumping along is just very freeing. It’s why you’ll see me outside March-December, until the winter snow just won’t let us play any longer. For those of you who talk to me on the phone in the summer and insist on the indoor, photo-studio session, just know that I am on the other end, frowning like a little whipped puppy. I love the outdoors that much! The Erickson’s are a fun-loving crew, so we took them out to the park for their outdoor session. The river was high and fast and the sun was beaming. They brought along their dog Nevada, who is still very much a puppy at heart. The shoot was very interesting with the wagging tail drifting past the camera frame, and the curious wet tongue, trying to taste what flavor of lens I was using. My favorite was when the family came together for a shot and she naturally walked right to her position. In a very matter-of-fact manner, she sat down as if she were one of the kids and stared just off camera. I think she was under the impression that if she made eye contact with me that I’d be telling her to move. So, just like a kid, she chose to pretend instead that I simply did not exist. 🙂 I loved it.

It’s amazing the way a dog just assumes that they are among the rank and file as the rest of the children in the family. Their ‘place’ is always nearest their family, where they can dish out pure, unconditional love in the form of wet kisses.

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