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A Little Something Different. Interactive Blogger?

I had an idea this morning, can you believe it? I know, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself. What if I post my favorite images as they unfold? For example, right now I’m working on an idea that I had for a maternity session. A very beautiful soon-to-be mom stopped in and we tried a few things. I think it’s a very beautiful image, and for some reason it speaks to me on different levels. What do you see? What do you like? What don’t you like? Would anyone care to accept the challenge? Would you prefer that I tell you what I see when I shot the image? I’d tell you but then I think I might influence what you’re feeling or seeing. Let’s try this. I’ll keep quiet for now and maybe post what I was thinking when I shot it later on, so you can be free to think your own thoughts.. It might be a fun way to grow? Cmon, don’t ya wanna grow today? Isn’t today a good day for that? I mean, the sun just came up a couple of hours ago. You’ve got a nice warm cup of Joe…let grow. cmon…yeah you….cmon.

Click on the image to see a little more detail 🙂

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