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A Scheduling Mishap

We got all set for a session down at the Falls, had all of our gear along and were waiting at the agreed upon spot, and then when we called to check in with the client….oops, it was supposed to be next week, not this week! Regardless of whose mistake it was in scheduling (Cough-Assistant-Cough-Missy-Cough), I’m actually thankful. There I was on this gorgeous day at the Falls, with nothing but my beautiful assistant, a.k.a. wife at my side. “Well, we’re here,” I said, “so come with me babe.” As soon as she realized that she was no longer on the job, but was now my beautiful model for the day, she immediately got shy and started talking about all the people watching and how these weren’t the right clothes, some remark about her hair and how “there’d better be no cleavage…”

But then something happened. I don’t know if it was because of our new-found free-time, the fact that we were going to Minerva’s afterward, or if it was because I was raising my eyebrows at her while taking the pictures, but before I knew it, my reserved and timid wife was suddenly cutting loose. No kidding! She even gave me a Hannah Montana pose, then wanted to go play in the sand and the water. We were going out on a date after the session anyway, so might as well start early right? Anyway, thanks to ‘whoever’ for the scheduling hiccup. Without it I wouldn’t have these beautiful pictures and this record of my wife, captured in a rare moment when she let her guard down and didn’t care anymore about what anybody else thought. This is the girl that usually only I get to see. Playful, breathtaking and funloving…and those are just a few of the reasons for why I love her.

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