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Abby & Nathaniel

We had a bit of a unique twist during Abby & Nathaniel’s engagements. This sweet Grandma locked her keys in her car at the park where we were shooting, so not only did Nathaniel and Abby give her a ride, they also helped to get her out of the jam she was in. Abby wedged her little fingers into the door as best she could and Nathaniel gave it his best shot with a coat hanger. Already they are a perfect pair! The determination was so intense I had to snap off a few quick shots. 😉

After some fine-tuning and a little finesse, we hooked it just right, and Grandma saved herself a $50 bill from the locksmith.

As we were leaving, Nathaniel stayed back with her, chatting and making small talk. Abby shook her head with a smile, “This is Nathaniel. He could stay and just chat for an hour.”

“These are good signs Abby,” I said, “He’s helping people and he likes to talk. The guys you worry about are the guys who’d rather stick to themselves and don’t care to help anyone.”

Here’s some favorites from the rest of our time together.

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