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Have I ever mentioned that I love the rain? I can sit and listen to the rain any day of the week. Anyway, these aren’t the happiest clouds to see above your head, but they are still my favorite. I feel connected to them somehow. Maybe because there are days when these kinds of storms are brewing on the inside… I try to imagine what it looks like from above, from an airplane window seat, because you know, someday I intend to fly everywhere I go…in and out of clouds like Peter Pan minus the corny green tights… (that’s just not how we roll) From down here though, when the sun is just setting and the storm is just brewing, and these little puffballs start to weave in and out like moguls on some kind of double-black diamond ski slope, I get excited. Like just before the firecrackers on the Fourth of July excited. Because you know it’s coming. Still I am just an ant, looking up at what feels like the underbelly of a mushroom. Thousands upon thousands of feet above me the top is billowing and pushing up to the heavens…

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