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Adding On

If some of you are curious, we finally got the approval to add-on to our studio, and things are moving right along, thanks to alot of guys putting in some very full days of hard work.

Willy with WT Construction is contracting the work, and we’ve been amazed at the workflow and organization. Willy was here the minute we got our approval, even put some of his jobs on the back burner to get started on ours before the snow begins to fly. We got to tour some of his homes this week, and I can tell you that every single one is unique and custom and downright beautiful. There’s a special touch to every room that is remarkable.

My hat’s off also to Gerry’s Concrete for their time in this project. They were here before me (amazing enough), at the studio pouring the floor by 5 am, and last night when it got too dark to see and I thought they’d be calling it a day, they just repositioned their trucks and flipped on the headlights to keep right on working. If you can’t tell from the frosty pictures, it was also bitter cold with the wind. The hot concrete came out of the truck and hit the ground steaming, and these guys took hold of that raw mud, pushing and sculpting it into a beautiful floor.

Well-spoken words bring satisfaction; well-done work has its own reward ~Proverbs 12:14

Thanks guys.

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