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Amanda & Eric

We got to shoot these two on a Saturday and then see them the very next day at a wedding we were shooting. I have to say there’s a little more pressure knowing that your future bride and groom are right there with you at the church and the reception, watching. A guy just prays that he doesn’t trip and knock over a candelabra or drop his camera in the silence of the vows on a day like that. 🙂

It was a little chilly out at the park, and I had Amanda in her dress because she just looked too beautiful to pass up taking some shots with her in it out next to the water. For part of the walk down we threw Eric’s suit jacket around her, and she just looked amazingly vibrant and fresh. Her lips were trembling, but she assured me she was going to tough it out and it wasn’t a bother. Not once did she complain, and the pictures were worth it. Besides, I could tell Eric didn’t mind at all keeping her warm.

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