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Amy and Jimmy

This is Amy and Jimmy. They had a very beautiful wedding at the First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, which is one of my favorites. Jimmy’s folks have J&L Harley in Sioux Falls. I mentioned to Jimmy that I’d be okay getting paid with a bike, or he could just pass one out as a party favor, but no deal. 🙂 I’m best staying away from that store anyway. I once walked into a Harley shop in Georgia thinking there would be nothing of interest to me, a hillbilly from Wyoming….yeah, about 20 minutes later I had 4 salesmen all around me and I was about to trade my truck for a Boss Hog. I’d buy one from Jimmy though. His family was great to capture and we really enjoyed the opportunity. There was one guy on the guest list, long brown hair and a beard, and I swear he was the spitting image of that picture that hangs in every grandma’s house of Jesus Christ. I did a double take when our eyes met, and the thought crossed my mind. I laughed it off and thought, Naaaah!, until he kept looking at me and gave me this great big smile like he was my long lost brother, to which my inner-voice gulped, “Jesus?” Kari laughed when I told her the story, “I’m sure he gets that all the time, and that’s probably why he smiles like that, just to get a kick out of watching people squirm at the possibility of meeting their Maker.” 🙂

The great thing about Amy and Jimmy? They are gracious to the point that they treat everyone like family. And that says alot to me.

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