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An Inch of Rain

A client of ours who is a farmer mentioned yesterday that 1 inch of rain in July is the difference between $100,000. That floored me when I heard that. It reminded Kari of a movie that we watched a month ago about a farmer in South Africa who had to pick up and leave their family farm because of a violent uprising. They started over from scratch, with nothing but the bare necessities, and a disassembled tractor. The farmer was a hard-nosed stubborn brawler with everything on the line, and then God reached out and grabbed a hold of him. His entire purpose for living changed from the inside out, and he became an evangelist. The guy is to me like the Billy Graham of South Africa. They call him God’s farmer. First, it’s a corny sounding little movie that I’d never heard a peep about, and when my wife told me the title, Faith Like Potatoes, I just sighed. Oh great, another sappy, sobbing low budget movie that will be a great way to waste 2 hours in the day…. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. First, the acting was absolutely incredible and the characters felt so real it was like you were right there with them in the story. And second, I remember watching the movie and thinking at every turn that while it was a great story, there was maybe a little too much Hollywood mixed in to spice up the tall tales. But then I watched the biography at the end of the movie, where the actual farmer, Angus Buchan, comes on the screen, and begins to recall the story of the way God changed his life. It was exactly as the movie. No fairy-tales or trumped up storylines. Just real life and real grace. If you’re like me and you’ve never heard of it, check it out. Give it 2 hours of your time, watch the biography on the DVD, and I guarantee it will make you stop and think about life, from the inside out. You can click here to find out more about Angus Buchan.

Here’s some pictures of my own little farmers from the garden we planted last month on a very windy, chilly day. With the weather we’ve had, our little tomatoes and peas have just been straggling along, fighting off the lack of rain and warmth, but I think with the love and care from the little fingers they were planted with, we’re in for a bumper crop. What do you think? 🙂

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