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Ashleigh & Jeremy ~ 7.7.07

Our 7.7.07 wedding was with a very down to earth couple, and we had a great time. At the ceremony, Ashleigh’s dad actually knighted Jeremy, passing the torch to him to take care of his daughter and to be there for her in his faith. Spiritually, it’s not something I’ve ever seen at a wedding, but the wisdom behind the idea was profound. Of all the advice fathers could say to a newly wed couple, it’s hardly ever mentioned to be prepared for the spiritual battle. To keep God in the middle and our selves out of the way, remembering that the two are one, and to tap into His strength, His love, His wisdom, when times do, and will, get hard. Being married 13 years, I can look back and say that it would have been the best advice for us. Now, would we have paid any attention back then, at 19 years old, practically deaf to anything outside of eachother during our wedding ceremony…hmmmmm. I remember looking into her eyes, fluttering lashes, watching her lips move in slow motion, singing to her under my breath…the rest? It’s a blur.

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