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Available You.

Sometimes words just come, and I think they may as well be posted here.

Available You He wants your eyes so you can see. He wants your ears so you can hear. He wants your hands so you can hold onto The one who can take away all your fears.

He’s everything you’ve ever craved He’s the only one by which you’re saved.

You’re in the perfect storm, And he’s holding out his arms. The waves are crashing down. But with Him you can’t be harmed.

Take the peace that He is giving, Throw the rest away. Walk upon the water with Him. Start a brand new day…now,

He needs your feet so you can walk the earth. He needs your mind so you can bless. He needs for you to put Him first, He needs your willingness.

He’ll take your voice if you’ll just lend it. He’ll make your words gentle and true. He’ll pour the love that He’s the source of Into the available you.

And wrath will be turned away, When you let His light shine through. When you tell them what HE did they’ll say I can see Jesus… in You.

~Dan Elliott 11.9.08

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