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Back In The Saddle Again

I love that song, by the way. Yep, it’s a classic. A true original in the mosaic of our great American history. 🙂 We sometimes get so distracted, or in our case, busy, that we fall off the horse, and when you’re lying there flat on your back, getting back up seems like nothing more than the wishful thinking of somebodies half-baked idea. But doesn’t it feel so good when we finally pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get back in the saddle again? 🙂 It’s like taking a long, chilly drink of crystal clear mountain water on a boiling hot summer day. Hope restored. I’m done babbling. I’m 8 weddings back in less than a month, so to bring this horse back up to speed, here’s a few shots from Jessica and Erik’s wedding.


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