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Bob and Marie

This is Logan and Abby’s Grandpa Bob and Grandma Marie. The kids look forward to going to see them at ‘Papa’s House’ every Sunday afternoon. The world is just not in order until we get there and spend atleast an hour listening to Abby shreak while Logan chases around the tables and chairs. Papa always warms a little soup for Abby and Logan gets his cherries. On Abby’s short list of to-do’s are going to pet any stuffed animals, and of course making sure a bowl of mints are put in the fridge. It’s a very, very important task that she must oversee herself or it just won’t get done properly. Then after supper she serves everyone our frozen, sticky treats. I don’t know what we’ll ever do the day they give up the restaurant, I think two little grandkids are going to be very distraught. It’s like a home away from home. Bob finally consented to letting me photograph him. I almost fell down with a heart attack when he walked in. Marie must have promised him the Moon I’m thinking. 🙂

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