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Bree and Eoin

Ahhhhh….Valentine’s Day. How about we start the day with two love-birds, and we’ll post as we go? How’s that sound? Bree and Eoin are set to be married December 30th at First Lutheran. I got a real kick out of that because we just shot Amy and Jimmy’s wedding last December 30 at, you guessed it, First Lutheran. What a beautiful church it was to shoot at that time of year. Poinsettas and Christmas trees, lights and wreaths and greenery everywhere. So I got to show them a little sneak-preview of what their church and their pictures might look like on their wedding day. 🙂 Bree’s got it made, her folks have been through this wedding business before, so she seems to be quite happily going with the flow. Eoin is from Ireland, so flying all the family over isn’t going to be an option. Think dollar signs, $$$$$, lots of them. But, there are talks of a separate ceremony Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I think real wealth is not finding a pot of gold, it’s really just the treasure of having someone to love, and then being loved unconditionally, even when you just flat don’t deserve it…. Isn’t it amazing what Love can accomplish? Now to go figure out how to show that to our own special someone today….hmmmmm

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