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Britton & Natalie

Some favorites from our first-ever Greek Orthodox wedding. These two are just out of high school, but you would never know it. They were as mature, respectful, and kind as any couple we have ever photographed.

The wedding was so beautiful with the sunlight pouring in through the stained-glass windows. The church was filled with ornate icons and history, but it was the priest's words I appreciated most. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"Usually in a wedding, the husband's listen very carefully to instructions that are given to the wives, and the wives listen very carefully to the instructions that are given to the husbands, but it ought to be the other way around, don't you think?"

"A marriage is a true image of the relationship between Jesus and His Church.

Your role, your responsibility to your wife, if you are called to it, is to die for her... and you will be called upon daily to die to your own desires..."

"It is a slow, gentle, sometimes not so gentle, martyrdom that you are called to."

"You're entering into a holy contest to see who can outlove the other."

And as they placed crowns on their heads, these words:

"The servant of God, Alexander (Britton), is crowned unto the handmaid of God, Natalie...

The handmaid of God, Natalie, is crowned unto the servant of God, Alexander..."

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