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My boy participated in his first ever regional bible competition today. He took the highest score possible and walked away the champion quizzer. His team also took first place and gets to go to Fargo now for the finals. Unlike his daddy, on stage my boy was confident and sure of himself. There wasn’t even a hint of a tremble in his voice when he approached the microphone to answer his questions. My favorite part was when he got his 2 high-honor ribbons, his champion quizzer ribbon, and the medal for placing first as a team. He came back to his chair calmly, sat down, and studied everything closely. His little sister, on the other hand, was too elated to just sit in her chair without congratulating him, and so she had to rush up and join him. She’s his biggest fan you see, so she sat next to him for the rest of the ceremony with ants in her pants, wriggling with excitement, in total bliss about her big brother’s win. 🙂 It was a good day.

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