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Crunch Time

(Sometimes we just gotta break from the normal hum-drum folks…)

Well…sigh. My test is today. I’ve done my best to get a paw on every possible book that might help me, Critical Thinking, Phonics, Restless Journey, Something about the Alpha…but I stare and stare at the pages, and all I see is garble!

I just don’t have the focus and….sigh, I’m a little worried it might not go so well….

I think I’m coming down with something….cough, sniff. I don’t know if I’m well enough to go tonight. Do the other dogs at puppy school feel like this?? Is there such a thing as puppy stress syndrome???

What if I fail?? How could I ever break that news to my mom and dad…. I mean, I come from a family of CHAMPIONS!…..sigh. I just don’t think I could take that kind of rejection!

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