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Danica and Dan

I really enjoy these two. I think refreshing is the word I’d use to describe being around them. We went to the Falls because that’s where Dan proposed to this beautiful young lady. I asked them to show me the exact spot, which in their case is very unique. See, it didn’t quite go as planned, with Dan down on his knees in front of these majestic falls. It was chilly outside, and Danica didn’t want to get out of the car. She didn’t know what he was thinking, coming out to the Falls to go for a walk, of all things, on such a chilly day. So, Dan did the next best thing. Right there in the parking lot, in the warmth of the car, he asked her to be his wife. I loved it. I hear about proposals while standing on top of the tower, or right down in front of the raging white water. But in the parking lot was a first. They probably thought I was a little off my rocker when I told them we had to shoot it. Looking back, I think they’ll really cherish those images, because it’s not just about the spot. It’s that moment of vulnerability. The anxious seconds before and during, holding your breath. It’s the pause in between, that silence that can either lift you up and take your love to an entirely new level, and it’s that sickening in your stomach of the alternative, the wind drooping out of the sails that could leave you wondering about the next step, if there even is a next step. All of the emotion of that moment makes the spot, well, just a spot. What matters is the two people who were in that spot, and the decision of a lifetime. So here they are, on the road to marriage. Literally, on the road, :)…

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